Opportunity Education work with schools and education providers across the world to encourage collaboration and partnerships in education, allowing students and teachers to learn from each other, celebrate diversity and promote global citizenship.

Over the last 6 years, Opportunity Education have encouraged thousands of students to get outside of their comfort zone. Developing global mindsets, especially in young children, is at the core of what Opportunity Education does. We believe that creating real life learning experiences, that are motivating and spark an interest in further study are key to developing the way students look at the world.

Opportunity Education supports schools, teachers and students in creating these empowering experiences.  To get involved please register your interest.

Our Programmes

School Immersion and Exchange Programmes

Our student immersion and exchange programmes help young people to discover new cultures, learn languages and develop the way they look at the world. Our UK partner schools host a school group from another country for a one to three week immersion programme. International students come and experience UK education, whilst British buddy students benefit from practising their own language skills and gaining a broader perspective from their new friends.

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Watch a School Immersion Programme taking place between our partner schools in the UK and China:

Holiday Study Camps

Our Summer and Winter Camps run during School Holidays bring an exciting cultural experience from the abroad to the South Coast of the UK. Not only does the programme teach traditional customs and activities from countries across the world,  it also welcomes students visiting from these countries to take part in the programme. The opportunity to make friends and learn in a ‘global classroom’ setting with students from across the world make the Holiday Study Camps a unique and fascinating experience for all involved.

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Educator Exchanges

Opportunity Education organises CPD opportunities for UK teachers, such as its annual Headteacher conferences. School leaders and Senior Management Team members are invited to attend conference events across the globe to discuss comparative practice in education.


Opportunity Education is accredited by the British Accreditation Council. 

Opportunity Education Brochure

Download a PDF copy of Opportunity Education’s brochure to find our more about our opportunities for UK schools to host visiting groups, partner with schools abroad and gain professional development for both students and teachers outside of the UK.

Become Our Partner

Working closely with our partners across the globe, Opportunity Education endeavour to deliver life-changing experiences on our global exchange programmes for all participating students. If you would like to help your students to participate in truly immersive educational experiences across the globe – consider joining our network today.


To have a truly immersive experience of life in the UK, our visiting groups stay with host families during their time here. This is a fantastic opportunity for students and teachers to gain further insight into everyday life in the UK, build long-lasting international friendships and practice speaking English. Being a host family is a rewarding, fun and educational experience for all members of the family and a great way to share and learn about another culture.